Welcome to the Simple Cron Config tool page!

The purpose of this page is to help newcomers to Cron learn how to configure a cronjob for a task. Below is a form which will help you configure your first cronjob. Fill it out, click submit, and a configuration will be generated for you. Note that if you want a job to run every x minutes/hours/days just put a / in front of your number. If you want the job to run every minute/hour/day put a * instead of a number.

Cron is a software tool you can find on Unix-based operating systems. It works as a job scheduler and allows the user to run tasks periodically without having to remember to do so. I use it to run Python and Bash scripts that auto-create Jenkins builds or to check for system notifications and trigger a task based on the notification. It is an extremely useful tool for even the most mundane of tasks. The Wikipedia page on Cron provides an excellent overview of how configuration works.

To create a Cron configuration go to your shell and enter the command crontab -e. This will open your default text editor, most likely Vi, and you can begin entering your cronjob configurations with one on each line.

To give you an idea of how it should look, let's say you want to run a job every hour on the hour. It would look like 0 * * * *. How about every 30 minutes? */30 * * * *. Every 2 hours at the top of the hour? 0 */2 * * *.